Tea Time

It's official... we love tea time at our house!  Even Sam joined in on the fun! We just received this precious tea set from 2 good friends, Amy and Rushton...thank you!  We love it! 

Sam pouring his little sis some tea..... yes, Sam is secretly enjoying all this frilly girl stuff!  But tea time can be for boys too... right?:)

Notice the food choices.  Cookie dough ice cream for Sam and I... but Rosie, nope, she is just not into ice cream.  She opted for pears instead.  Wow, she is a healthy eater and an organizer... she will be great example for our family!

She loves her tea set.... in fact, she just brought me a cup of tea!


And those sparkly sweet eyes.....am falling in love with her more and more each day. Her little personality is so much fun! We are all having an amazing time discovering the delights of Rosie.... she is absolutely wonderful!