Days with Little Rose....

Our days here have been so full and surprisingly smooth with transitioning toddler Rosie into her new world.
It has been such a treat to watch Rosie's expressions, her choices for food, music, her laughter, her ever so sweet smile. Getting to know Rosie better each day is a true gift... filled with new discoveries each day! 
Love watching her with my dad.  Even though dad can't communicate well, he was so dear to her as he held her close.
Rosie has much love surrounding her and it seems as if she may know a bit of the love that she has been showered with as she walks around the house and chirps and laughs.... just like a little bird.

So our first day, just the two of us, started off perfect.  We had a tea party and I showed her about sharing her tea with all her little stuffed animals and dolls.  We played with hair bows.. getting closer to wearing bows and we walked around the yard in this wonderful fall weather.  Lots of yellow butterflies were fluttering in our yard today,  so it was fun to watch them play in the air.   It was too pretty to stay inside so we headed to the park close to our house. Blue sky, 70 degree weather, puffy white clouds and Rosie smiles = perfect morning.

I had no idea the "beep beep" shoes were the craze right now.  I bought some at the consignment sale... not knowing they beeped.  Now these shoes are Rosie's favorite and pretty much the only ones she wants to wear.  They are a little big on her, but oh well,  at least I know where she is in the house.. just listen for the beep... beep... beep!


Picking out the prettiest leaves on our morning walk.
Love to watch Rosie watch her big bro.  Amazing how she will sit and "write" as long as her brother is working... hmm.. can this become a habit???

Rosie's new friend, Caleb, came over and they had a great time feeding the fish.

Theme for this day:
Thank you God for our little Rosie bird! tweet tweet!