Art, Tea and Tutu's

We've had a great time this weekend with our parents here!  It is so much fun to watch Rosie's little personality come out and see what she is all about.  She is adjusting really well to her new and bright surroundings.  And of course, we're having a super time dressing her up in her fun and colorful outfits!
Yes, the yarn hair hat pops on Rosie's head often.  She actually left it on her head for a while... maybe she'll keep it on for her Halloween costume!

Sweet Rosie!

Pure whimsy!

Ted ( aka Da) just started a drawing class and we captured a bit of his "art" in action.  The future Norman Rockwell!

Patty ( GeeGee) and Sam hanging out in the backyard.

Rosie loves her Paris tea set.  She carries around her little teacup and saucer and pretends she is sipping her tea.  Oh, frolicky tea parties will be here soon!  So, guess we need to put on some tutu's as well....
Rosie getting ready to go to work with daddy and meet more new friends!

Happy tutu girl!

BLISS.... tutu, striped tights, pink and red..... weave it all together and you have one whimsy little girl!

Happy Fall day to all!