AHHHHH, we're home!!! Can home be any sweeter when one's away in a foreign land??? Don't think so!  After hours and hours of flying and boarding planes and waiting in airports and toting all our stuff everywhere, we finally arrived in beautiful Birmingham. We were exhausted and so tired as the tires touched down on the Birmingham runway, but once the tires hit.... I got a new burst of energy.... WE"RE HOME!

Mike's parents and my parents were waiting so happily at the airport to meet little Rosie.  I just love watching them all with her and this official first day for Rosie has been filled with lots of love by her grandparents!  Our parents are so wonderful! Rosie has no idea how much fun she is about to have with them!
We came home to a big sign in front of our house to welcome Rosie ( thank you tutle!) and a big sign made by Sam's class ( thank you friends of Sam and Ms. Hambrick!), to a fridge filled with really good food! ( thank you Katie and our parents!) and balloons and fun presents on the table and of course, our nice comfy bed!  Yipeee!!  I felt like I was floating when we arrived home last night and the fun has just begun!

Rosie loves to run and run and be chased and fall down and get up and run and dance and laugh and fall down again!

Nana made a great  ride for Rosie.. she looovvesss to be pushed around in her own laundry basket o fun!..... Think she will love amusement parks!
Early in the morning, both grandma's plus mommy had a great time dressing her up... let's see.... first is the Raggedy Anne outfit ( thank you Leigh Anne!.. we love it!)  It was fun to get the "hat of hair" on her...... just to see, "hmmmm, what will Rosie look like with normal hair or rather yarn hair?"

She loved her frolicky "anne" outfit.... and the stocks stayed on into te day!  Candy cane striped socks....perfect!


Love this photo!  Happy Rosie and happy Gee Gee!
Paris girl... love this dress ( thank you Liane!) Oh, she likes fluffy boas!  Yes, she is ready for dress up and play! We even had a small tea party with our paris tea cups! ( thank you Jilly!) 
And as I write.... 2 little tired kiddies are snuggled in their beds asleep.  Our bodies are trying to adjust to the new time but our hearts are already adjusted to our home and it feels completely perfect to have our Rosie here..... finally!!! yea! Little birdie is in her nest...... and our birdie family is all safe and happy back in the USA!

P.S. And to sweet Mo Mo... we are so happy to see you too!  And you are going to have lots of attention by one sweet little girl ........so get ready to hear "Guff Guff!" and "Subaka!"