Museum Day!

Our last full day in Moscow and it has been filled with art.. yes art!! We went to the Pushkin Museum ( pic above) and saw the most amazing paintings!! I had no idea they had a room filled with Matisse and Monet! I just smiled and wanted to jump up and down as we meandererd  through these rooms of art... Van Gogh, Kandinksy, Chagal, Renoir... and the list goes on. It was such a treat to see these paintings in person! How I wish we could have taken pics, but our memories will hold these precious images in our minds.  Mike and I could have spent hours in there, but we were holding Rosie ( past her nap time) and Sam was wanting to race through. So one can imagine that it wasn't a slow movement through the museum. But I'm so happy we were able to see these works of art! And also for Sam and Rosie to see these amazing artists was special too!

We also went to the 2nd museum... and it was filled with lots of beautiful art as well!  Our sweet coordinator in Moscow, Natasha, stayed with Sam and Rosie outside while we walked through this museum.  ( pic above.. Rosie on the run!)
There were rose bushes all around the museum.. so I had to get some pics of Rosie beside the rose bushes... She loved holding little flowers. It's really special to watch her experience things for the first time. She learned how to blow a dandelion and loved it! 


She also wanted to eat some of the dandelion too!

After the museum, we went to the beautiful convent in such a tranquil setting.  You would never know that it is in the middle of the city.  It's magical!
Rosie holding the bright yellow leaves!

Sam had ice cream during our walk around the lake ( yep.. even when it is sooo cold outside!)  and Rosie playing with the leaves.

Leaves..... leaves... an autumn wonder land!

What melts my heart??? Sam holding his sweet sister and watching them laugh together.....

After the convent and museums, we went to Arbat and Mike got some soccer jerseys and other fun souveniers.
Oh, can't believe the time is here.. we pack our bags tonight and then drive the airport tomorrow. Wow, to think we will be in Birmingham in a day and a half makes my heart sing!!