The Candy Land!

Red Square.. here we come!  We had a great time seeing St. Basil's today and loved walking around Red Square. When we adopted Sam 5 years ago, Red Square was closed so it was really special today to see all the buildings and walk around the very grand and beautiful square.  Fun how you imagine something and then it exceeds expectations. That is exactly what Red Square was for us.  However, Sam thought they would sell candy in St. Basil's because  I said it was the candy looking building.  So, he was kind of disappointed when there were no swirly lollipops for sale.  But he did have a good time taking pics in St. Basils.

The painting and design in St. Basil's was absolutely beautiful. To think about the artists( hundreds of years ago)who designed this cathedral is really inspiring. We walked up steep staircases and walked through large wooden doors and very small doors. There were many many rooms and it was an extra treat to look up into the spiraling ceilings.  Every part about it was inspiring and beautiful.  We loved it!

True inspiration for some art projects coming up!


This grand building was built in the 1800's for shopping and is still a very nice mall.  Many designer stores.... wealth, wealth everywhere. Can see more and more why Moscow is the most expensive city on the planet!

Monument at entrance to Red Square.

And happy Sam in front of his candy land cathedral!

We went to the Embassy today, Russian Consulate tomorrow and hopefully the Pushkin museum tomorrow afternoon.  And we''re looking forward to dinner with Mike's uncle tomorrow evening!  

And then Saturday we head to the USA! yipeee!