And down the stretch they come…

It’s official, we’re on the home stretch of this 2+ year long venture. Last night about 1:30 am Krasnoyarsk time, we arrived at our hotel in Moscow. Sam was completely racked out and had to be carried to the room and put to bed. He has been quite a trooper on this trip considering the mileage we’ve logged, the lack of consistent schedule we’ve maintained, and the lack of a say he’s had in much of what we’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, it will be nice to have a little space once we get back home… at least for each of us to have our own room. I say this as Rosie sleeps in a crib not more than 3 feet from our bed and as Sam lays against me while I write. It’s 10:30pm Moscow time (2:30am Krasnoyarsk time for those keeping score at home).


Our flight to Moscow was pretty brutal. And little redhead gets the gold star of the trip thus far for sitting most all of the flight with Rosie and Sam as I had the lone seat across the aisle. They had to deplane nearly everyone (thankfully not our little 5 row section) for 30 minutes because 2 people on the flight carried questionable baggage (don’t we all?). Not sure what it was all about, but our flight was delayed a good while on both ends. Rosie finally lost it around 10:00 and gave up the ghost. She probably only screamed for a combined 15 minutes out of a 5 and a half hour flight. Not too bad, but it was very stressful and required a lot of vigilance on Tricia’s part. She was very patient considering Sam’s meltdown occurred at the zenith of Rosie’s. Think we’ll be testing out the benadryl tomorrow for the big flight home.


As soon as we got Sam dumped onto the bed in Moscow, we ordered a cheeseburger and a salad. Nothing, I mean nothing could have ever tasted as good as that $20 cheeseburger tasted last night.  We’re so thankful to be in an American hotel after 16 nights at a very Russian hotel. Just feels a little closer to home, literally and figuratively.
Today, we had an appointment with the medical clinic, all good there. Tomorrow we have our embassy invitation, and Friday we do our consulate work. Also, Friday night we get to eat dinner with my uncle, who is in Moscow on business this week. We’re so excited to be able to see him and catch up and be with someone who can help us navigate Moscow considering our puny Russian vocabulary. Especially after our experience tonight at McDonalds. That place is nothing like the golden arches at home. Usually, I only do Mickey D’s for breakfast a couple times a year when I’m feeling overly-healthy and need to put on a few lbs. Eating there tonight was a mistake, but made for a funny memory. Food was bad, service stunk, people were rude, place was packed, Rosie lost it, Tricia and I fought, Sam obsessed over ice cream… I could go on.


Tonight we wandered the streets, eventually walking to the outside of the Kremlin. Moscow is really huge. It seems so much nicer than when we were there 5 years ago. Maybe we’re just in a nicer area. Walking the streets reminded us of Paris. The architecture is beautiful and varied. It feels both old and new. Advertisement signage is everywhere, and it’s enormous. Everywhere you turn looks like Time Square. Can’t wait to explore more over the next couple of days.


I wanted to take a sec to say thanks to you all who have been reading the blog, praying for our trip and for little Rosie, Your posts and prayers have encouraged us beyond words. Love to all!