and the sparrow...

"And the sparrow has found a home."
from Psalm 84

The day of days!!  October 4, 2008

Today we brought our Rosie home ( well, our home for the next 3 days:) and what a day it has been!Wow, I feel like we have lived 2 days in one!  It was such a whirlwind going to the orphanage to get her.  When we arrived, they pretty much said, put on Rosie's clothes, give presents to social worker and let's go.  So that is exactly what we did!

IMG_4202 Little Rosie shed some tears as we were leaving. She is going to be experiencing many new things and I can't imagine what is going through her head.  But my prayer is that she will sense safety and love with us and know deep within her heart and soul, we are her family. 


The drive home was sooo sweet. We just couldn't get enough of this little bird, our little Rose!  She slept in our arms for the first hour and then woke up and played with us and ate almost 2 bananas, cheerios and goldfish! She was hungry!


Sam and Rosie had a great time in the car playing and laughing.  Love watching them interact with each other!  Sam definitely has his biggest fan sitting right there beside him!


Ever so sweet as she sleeps on the car ride back to Kras. ( and the dress pick for the day was the matryoshka dress my mom made for her.. so cute on Rosie!)

Here are some fun facts about Rosie that we just discovered tonight when we returned to our hotel:

1. She actually went to the potty on her potty chair. She is so cute because she'll just sit there for a while on her little plastic chair. She tried to get up, but the chair stuck to her!'

2. She loves to laugh and be silly and is in constant motion!  ( yes, we have a very active 2 year old on our hands!)

3. She loves baths! I plugged up the drain in the shower and turned on the water and to my surprise, she LOVES water!  She could have played in the water forever!  She would put her head under the running water and just laugh and laugh and she splashed around and had a great time!

3. She's an amazing eater!  During dinner tonight, she ate lots of food: mashed potatos, soup, meat pies, bread and barley.  I think we'll be putting some lbs on her soon!

4. She is fearless ( which could be good or bad!)  She will race around the room and fall down, but then get up ( no tears) and keep going.

5. She doesn't mind if I dress her several different times within 30 minutes! ( yes, I'll have to admit, I love dressing her in all her fun girl clothes!) .. however the bow will not work because she kept taking it out.... time will help with the bow thing.. so we've decided she is a little pixie/ tinkerbell with her short hair!


Off to dinner in her fairy pink coat and red shoes!


A little stroll by the fountains before dinner.


And she loved the fountains just as much we do! 

So now, here we are... a family of 4! Amazing how it happens.. whoosh, in one day!  But in reality, this has taken several years to finally become reality and it's so sweet to see how God has worked in bringing us our "little sparrow".
Mike and I are now sitting here in our little bedroom... Rosie asleep in her crib. Sam almost asleep. Our day of getting Rosie has come to a close and our hearts are filled with joy!  Happy day it has been and we look forward to waking up tomorrow and waking up to the chirps of not one, but 2 little birds... Sam and Rosie!

ps. I am making a little scrapbook for Rosie and thought it would be sweet if the ones who are reading this blog would comment below and write a little wish and/or prayer for Rosie bird and also write where they live. And when I get home, I'll copy this blog page and put it in her scrapbook! It will be so special to have these memories gathered together and placed on paper to show Rosie and share with her about the ones who followed her journey.
Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support you have given us during this time!  It is amazing how this dream of getting Rosie is now reality!
God is so good!