12 things I'm loving...

12 things I'm loving as we bop through our days in Kras.

1. The adorable lime green and orange shoes that Rosie wears every time we see her at the orphanage.  Russian shoes are soo cute!  ( yes, those are her sweet little feet!)

2.  The hills we travel through to see Rosie... each time we are amazed as they light up with the kindest and brightest of happy Van Gogh yellows and glowing golds.  ( "The hills are alive.. ( this time) with the sound of color!)

3. The fruit.... oh the fruit.  We discovered the big food market when we went to the flea market.  Tangerines are delicious... as are all the fruits!  Many other interesting things as we meandered through all the booths.... fish, caviar, cheese, nuts, meats of this and meats of that, veggies and pastries and fresh honey!

4.  Hanging out at the flea market with new American friends who are also adopting a two year old little girl.  We bought strollers, looked at all the flea market deals ( must go back to get some Rosie shoes) and enjoyed all the furry hats ( rows and rows and rows of them!).

5. Favorite church in the city.... beautiful creamy white and blues... reminds  of a frosted cake!

6. Cafe latte... pure delight at our favorite cafe.  ( we've been making a journey to this cafe almost every morning.. it's fun to get out of the hotel and have a morning walk through the streets of Kras).

7. And oh, definitely favorite gift for Rosie.  This sweet girl holding a bird is very dear to us because we call Rosie our little bird.  The girl actually twirls around as the song plays "jingle bells".

7. (b).Thinking of my bird verse for Rosie in Psalms.... "and the sparrow has found a home..."

8. Rosie's first Christmas ornament. Mike, Sam and I thought this girl is perfect for Rosie since she has roses all around her. It's so fun to find little things with roses and birds.  They are all beautiful reminders of our own little bird.. our own little Rose.
9.  Another whimsy and cheery Russian doll.  Love her! Think all these Russian dolls with brightly painted outfits will be inspiration for future paintings!

10. Rosie's first Russian baby doll.... so sweet with those long braids!  Plus, the fluffy, yellow polka dot blanket is a new find for Rosie. 

11.   Rosie's new pink and black stroller.. it even has a rain cover that goes over it!  It was so funny because Mike and Sam came into the bedroom pushing the stroller and acting like they were talking to Rosie..... soon we will be talking to her in person and strolling her all around!  But I'm thinking I will want to hold her all the time, instead of strolling her!

12. Russian paper dolls!  Have had lots of fun cutting different outfits, hats and accessories!

So these are the top 12 things for now... am sure we'll come up with many more during the upcoming week.
WOW.... JUST ONE!!!!!