Walks around Muira Street

The older architecture even some of the new architecture is absolutely beautiful in Krasnoyarsk.  We love walking down the streets and looking at the old buildings, noticing the ornate detail and color.  Kind of like rows of jewel boxes that line the street.  The patterns and paint colors are vibrant and so cheery!  This yellow building in the above photo used to belong to a very wealthy Kras resident many years ago.  Since Krasnoyarsk was founded in 1628, it is a very old city. ... 378 years old!  And originally, it was named "Krasny yar" and in old Russian, Krasny meant "beautiful".   As we discover more parts to the city, we can definitely see why it is one of the prettiest cities in Russia!

This is a beautiful building.. love the blue!  It is right across the street from our favorite coffee spot, Traveler's cafe. 

Another beautiful building with two handsome boys in front!

One of our favorite places to eat is in the downstairs part of this building. Wish I knew more history about it, but it's definitely beautiful.  Sure it has a special story.


If you look closely in this photo, you can see the hammer and sickle above the blue doors on the 2nd floor.  It's interesting because as we walk around the streets at night, there are speakers on lamp posts everywhere and there is always music playing.  We were wondering what the speakers said during communist times.  Who would have thought we would be adopting our children from Russia when we were younger and when Russia was a different kind of country. 

Another fanciful building on Muira Street which is the main street in Kras with lots of shops and restaurants. Funny how they put ads in the arched windows of the building.

I think this is an art school because every time we pass by, there are artsy college students hanging around.

And our architecture tour ends with these handsome boys sitting by the pilgrims... oh, I mean the Russian aristocrats.

( sidenote: Tonight we discovered a sushi restaurant! And it was great.. we had sushi and soup! We also went to the flea market and found some fun things... will post that tomorrow.  I can't get over how cute the Russian kid shoes are... may have to pick up a pair before we leave.)