Rosie's Dolls


Rosie officially has her own Matryoshka dolls and we had a great time picking the perfect ones out for her.  Thought these dolls were beautiful and also showed the special sites of her area of Russia. It has the chapel that overlooks the city, the rock face of Stolby wilderness ( just outside the city), a  pink building ( we're trying to find out what this special building is!) and the Krasnoyarsk region crest.  Matryoshka dolls are so creative because there are many different designs and colors and outfits and faces!

Red and white polk a dot matryoshka dolls.. just couldn't pass these up!  They are all so cute and colorful!  These kind of look Christmasy and sure there is a story behind them.
And our "Rosie Rose" standing so pretty in our hotel window.  We saw Rosie today and had such a great time with her! We played with her, sang to her, chased her around the room and gave her cheerios to eat ( which she loved!). After we said our goodbyes, we headed back on the 3 hour drive. So it made for a long day, but every second of the drive and tiredness is worth it just to see Rosie for a few hours.  And to think that we have 3 more days and then Saturday is the BIG DAY!
 We came home from our trip to Rosie land and I went through her clothes and laid out 4 dresses for Sam, Mike and I to pick out for the day she leaves the orphanage forever. We unanimously picked the dress and shoes she will wear.  Can Saturday come soon enough?  To pass the time, we will head to the flea market tomorrow and buy Rosie a stroller, we'll hang out with new American friends from South Carolina, say goodbye to our new New Jersey friends, walk around the streets of Kras and drink some good coffee at Traveler's.
Happy day to all!
THREE more days!