Russian Park

Even though it was cloudy outside (sunshine days have been few while we've been here,) we had a fun little afternoon at a Russian park.

A Russian park is not like an American park, you have to pay to get inside the park and then pay again to play on the playground and then pay again to ride the carnival type rides.  So we told Sam he had to play long enough to get his $2.50 worth!

A Russian poet among the autumn color... oh, wait.. that is Michael Keith Robinson... la la la la!

The trees were beautiful inside the park.....entire place glowed with yellow and orange!

Playing on the $2.50 playground.... pure bliss for Sam!

Bopping on the boppers.........

Photographer: Samuel Dima Robinson

San Fran train all the way in Siberia.....

We loved watching Sam in this helicopter ride... It took a while for him to get some height but he finally was flying in the air!

Meandering along the pathways... the park was really magical with all the bright colorful leaves. And there were not many people around so the park had a kind of quiet and enchanted feel.
Continuing our walk home along the riverfront.  A happy afternoon even with a few raindrops bouncing on our heads!