Fashion Show in Kras!

So what do Krasnoyarsk women wear???  Here is a glimpse into the "fashion dress" of this city.  And these pics are not ones that "stood out". SOOO many women had outfits like this on, but to take pics without being so obvious was not easy.  Once we spotted a "fashionista", we would pretend  we were taking pics of our family.  ( yes, we are such tourists!) We've had a lot of fun snapping photos and also trying to decide what these "fashionistas" do for a living and what their day to day is like. Here is what we came up with!
The girl above works in the music industry.... she loves 80's music and listens to Cindi Lauper and Duran Duran.

This girl's outfit is "modern classic"... kind of Russian Ralph Lauren. She is a business woman working in the city.

Fishnet hose... they are everywhere!  This girl is a ballet dancer by day plus Russian version of a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader. She loves her white boots!

Short skirts are a must for young Russian fashionistas.  Are you seeing the trend here in Siberia?  Boots and more boots and short skirts!  This girl wants to become a country western singer!

Silver coat, platinum hair and heels.... These girls work in local restaurants during day but like to hang out with friends on Sunday night and eat pizza at CPK.  They like to watch Star Trek.

Mommy in red.  She was watching her son play in the fountain. She is an editor of one of the magazines in Kras.. She loves the color red and secretly dreams of being an actress.

Definitely a model.... she was over 6 feet.   She's enjoying the nice September evening and walking through the square.

Whimsy girls!  Love the colors!  They definitely stood out among the blacks and grays of the square. They love coffee and getting manicures!

Another true fashionista heading to lunch on the first day of the week.  She is carrying her blue portfolio of design to an ad agency.

So there you have it, many fashionistas in the land of Krasnoyarsk.  Spotting fashion girls is a creative outlet for our family ( can you tell that we need things to do during the day??) But this has been a fun way to capture some of the fashion culture of the city!  Someday we can show Rosie the "dress" of her day!
Stay tuned... we're in process of taking pics of Russian archicture.. which is absolutely beautiful. Plus, we bought an amazing book of paintings by Krasnoyarsk artists! More inspiration from Siberia coming soon!