Zip a Dee Zoo Day!

Yesterday we had a fun adventure to the zoo and the beautiful Krasnoyarsk mountains! Photo above is Sam and his new Russian friends in front of a memorial to a famous Russian writer.  We traveled up into the mountains to see the big Krasnoyarsk dam and also went on a small hiking trail to a breathtaking overlook.  We weaved around the roads and traveled through beautiful forests with trees displaying golden yellow and orange...... felt like we were in New England/ Switzerland country!

Our wonderful Russian friends!  Lydia is the lady on the left and she is the Russian director. She brought her grandson, Volva, on the outing.  Alena is the lady on the right and she is our interpreter.  Both women are so sweet and have been very kind and have made this time in Krasnoyarsk so special!  Alena brought her 6 year old son, Sasha, and needless to say, Sam LOVED having the boys to run and play with!

View of the Yennisey River.  Down the river a few miles is the dam which we were traveling to see. 
Happy Mike in front of all the yellow golden trees!

Sam talking to the cows in the field.  The dam is behind us... you can barely see it.  But it was considered the biggest dam in the world in the mid 80's.  A very powerful looking structure!

In front of the gigantic dam.  Doesn't look very big in the picture, but in person, it was amazing.

Here is the zoo time!  Had to put a "glimpse" of Russian fashion into the zoo pic!  This is very normal for Russian women to wear outfits like this even to the zoo. I can't wait to show more of Russian outfits! Will have the fashion blog coming up tomorrow!

Yipee! We had real live popcorn, donuts AND cotton candy! True festive American food. It made all of us very happy to have sweets like this.. especially Sam!

More fun times at the zoo.  The boys had a blast together. So fun to watch them interact without knowing each other's language; they loved just running and laughing and playing chase.  Sam's favorite day so far... with exception of meeting his sister! 
I think our favorite part of the zoo was watching the polar bear toss a big piece of meat fat around. He tossed it almost out of the cage and it landed in the polar bear's pool and splashed Mike and Sam. Mike said, "oh, I have meat water on my face!!" Too bad we didn't get all that on video... it was so funny! 
As for today, we are heading to the country museum and having dinner with another American family tonight so we're looking forward to that!
Happy day to you all!  Tomorrow we head to Kansk and visit Rosie and then on Saturday we will have her forever!!