Sights around Kras


We explored the historical areas of Kras on Friday and enjoyed a sunshine day and some beautiful sights! Our Russian directors drove us to the top of a famous hill that has a fantastic overlook of the city.


Here is the drive up to the overlook and there is a small chapel at the very top. It used to be a watch tower for the military and built in 1652. From it the watchmen could see raiding parties of Monguls and Tartars. Sooo old!!  It burned in 1855 and then they rebuilt it.  It was built as the patron saint of family in Krasnoyarsk and has beautiful frescoes inside. 

Now, it is a place where newly married couples come and pray in the chapel and sometimes they bring white doves to set free at the top of the hill; and they also put locks on the iron railing to symbolize their eternal love that will be locked forever. 


The Russian orthodox cross at the top of the hill.


The locks of love.. there were sooo many and each lock had dates and love quotes on them.


After touring the chapel, we headed down the hill to the army museum. Sam had a great time playing on the Russian tanks!


Daddy had a great time playing on the tanks as well!


Kings of the tanks!

We toured more of Krasnoyarsk and saw the gigantic statue of Lenin.  Alena ( our Russian translator) said that many statues of Lenin were taken down after the fall of communism, but Krasnoyarsk kept their monuments and statues as a reminder of that era.  It was sad to hear about the many churches which were torn down during communist times.  The building in the back was built for the communist government and it used old bricks from a beautiful church which was torn down during the height of communism. 


This however, is one church that they did save.  Makes one's heart sink to think of the beauty that was destroyed during communist times, but makes my heart sink even more to think how this country was without religion for over 70 years.   So thankful that Russia is now a free country with more churches and hopefully more Russians seeing the light of Christ.