Russian Arts and Crafts Fair!


We woke up Saturday morning to some noise in the square below our hotel and saw that they were getting ready for something. But what was the something?  It turned out to be a Russian arts and crafts fair!  We walked into a land of baked goods and Russian folk dance plus crafty stuff here and there, food and more food and very bright Russian cheerful outfits!


No, this is not Halloween but some Russian women dressed up and selling some homemade cakes and breads.


Folk dancers in the background plus ruffly fluffy skirts! Am sure these girls will be on stage and dancing very soon!


Fanciful Russian cakes and pastries...... it all looked soo good!


Loved these gourds painted like Matryoshka dolls plus the swan apples and flower onions were beautiful.. oh, and the roses too!


Russian scarecrow??


A blacksmith making all sorts of interesting things.


And swan rolls..... they were beautiful!


Love this booth of flowers and sweets!  Yes, we were definitely in whimsy land! How could I even think that Russia was not whimsy?  I am a believer that the two words do go together!


Sweet Russian doll with homemade paper flowers on skirt.


The pine cone bear!  How long would it take to make this fuzzy ... well, not so fuzzy bear? The creativity we saw during the fair plus imagination, color and whimsy made a regular Saturday morning into one fun adventure!  Our delight in this land of Russia continues to grow each day!  What will tomorrow bring???  We shall see!