The Magic Hour

Krasnoyarsk definitely has it's magic hour at twilight. The other night we ate dinner at CPK.. yum! And then walked around the square outside our hotel. This square turns truly magical when the sun begins to fade away.  The fountain lights pop on and the sparkly starry lights start blinking.  Plus, the atmosphere becomes festive and the square begins to fill up with people enjoying the relatively "warm" evening as this month of September is coming to a close.  We loved being outside and watching the rainbow like fountains light up the evening and turn it into a kind of wonderland.  Amazing how colored lights and water can completely transform place and time:).

Happy Sam in front of Krasnoyark's clock tower. The people of Kras call it their "Big Ben".  Flowers are still blooming and showing their last few weeks of cheer.

Sam loves loves the fountains!... here he is dancing around and singing!

Sam and I on the bridge that goes over a very busy street with "Big Ben" in the background.

More frolicky fountains performing their nightly dance.

Mezmerized by the glow...
These fountains lead down to the river walk. There is a nice walking path along the river lined with trees, lamp posts and hanging baskets filled with flowers.

Mike took some beautiful photos of the fountains... love the sparkly star lights in the background... kind of a 50's era thing?

Walking back to the hotel after a whimsy evening out.
Yes, we have decided that there is whimsy in Russia..... and we see some of it every night when the square shines forth with these sparkly star lights.   Now we definitely know why Kras is called the city of fountains....many fountains, filled with color and some whimsical lights sprinkled here and there.
We've had fun exploring the city and discoving new things each day.  Next time we'll show the sight seeing tour of Kras!  But for now, we are off to check out some museums and eat some pizza!