Russia + Sunshine = Happy

Beautiful autumn day so we headed outside and played!  Since we have 8 more days until we get Rosie and 17 more days in Russia, we are wanting to get out and about as much as possible.  Being inside a small hotel room can only be done in small doses with energetic Sam.  So it's been fun to make a "sort of" schedule and plan school time and play time during the day.  Add sunshine and warmer weather and you get 3 very happy people! 


So here is a glimpse of our day and the small happenings which make up much of our days.  First, we love to have breakfast at the Traveler's cafe.  It is a cute and hip little coffee place that actually has donuts! And muffins!  Plus, great coffee and omelets.  I know it kind of sounds funny to be so excited over donuts, good coffee and muffins.  But finding foodie things like that is rare.  So we rate Traveler's Cafe a 10 in our book!  After the yummy breakfast we headed home under a gray sunless sky.  We talked about the smog and wondered, "does this town get sunshine?"  Well, our question was answered soon enough.  We went back to the hotel, had school time and reading time and rest time.  Ate "college food" aka Ramen noodles  ( which Sam LOVES) and then we headed back outdoors again. This time the sun was shining in all it's happiness!  Yea for sun!  Sam and Mike played catch out in the front park area of our hotel.  Love this pic of Sam by the fountains.  They call Kras the "city of fountains" because it apparently has lots of them. New game... count the fountains!


After football time, we headed to the toy store  ( a favorite destination) and the bookstore.  Not much to read in the bookstore since we can't read Cyrillian, but Mike is learning and catching on pretty well!  For me, the language is like a code that I just can't crack! Pic of Sam and the bright yellow leaves in the background.


Statue where many Kras people rub the nose of this man and make a wish.  So we joined in the fun and wish making! 


And alas,  a very happy restaurant!  CPK is here! California Pizza Kitchen... yea!!  Love this restaurant in the states so we'll see how it is here in middle Russia.  We went inside and looked around.  It is definitely the Russian version of CPK but it looks good!

Since we will be in exploration mode the next few days, we are brainstorming ideas and themes for blog writing.  Here are two that definitely have to be talked about... fashion of Krasnoyarsk.... we are having the best time taking pics of the dress here.  More to come! All in all, the fashion here is fascinating! 

And then, there is one of my favorite words... whimsical.   Does Russia and whimsical go together?  It is a goal of mine during our trip to find whimsical things. It can be a challenge, but we are already discovering whimsy here in Kras!  More to come!

And 8 more days until we finally have Rosie with us forever!  Still seems surreal and almost like a dream.  But soon enough, our days will have this precious little one with us and we can't wait!