Welcome to the family

Disclaimer: As a guest blogger on little red head's site, I realize that how I "phrase" things and information that I may divulge is not necessarily the way little red head she would do it.

That said... today, we officially officially welcome Rosie to the family. This morning, at sometime around 11:15 am, we stood in front of the judge after an hour or so of interviewing, discussion but mostly formalities, and the judge granted our petition to adopt Rosie. Everyone in the court felt it was "in the best interest of the child that the Robinson family be allowed to adopt." Yeah, she's ours!

Sam was so brave! He had been battling a bout of the "quick steps" that began early this morning and had sent him to the bathroom like 37 times in a period of 6 hours, poor little guy. In court, you literally can't talk or console or anything, and Sam just sat behind us and was very patient and quiet. We were praying that he (and we since it's caught up with all of us now) would be able to make it through the proceedings. And he did. Thank you God for that and for the positive verdict in our case!

Now we wait. After 10 days (so next satutday), we'll go back to Kansk for the last time to pick her up and bring her back to Krasnoyarsk with us. We'll visit her again next Monday. In the meantime, we'll enjoy the city, see the sights, discover new places to eat, do school with Sam, play lots of monopoly (tricia smashed Sam and I into bancruptcy last night), and plan for the new life that God hand-picked to enter our family. Sweet dreams little Rosie!

just as we were leaving the court house

the celebratory lunch (daddy drank most of the milkshake)

by the end of it, mommy had hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk, as well as real estate on all the yellow and red properties (indiana avenue and marvin grardens) while daddy owned property more commonly known as 'the hood."

A couple days ago we had breakfast at a cafe. This is mommy's latte.

Sam in front of a statue with his football. All smiles.

The little gallery we went to on our first visit. I think the guy in the statue did these and that's a self portrait in the red.

Russian propaganda. There are subliminal messages with socialist undertones throughout the advertisements.... I'm kidding. Capitalism is alive and well in Russia.