Secret Blog Pal and Polka Dots!

Love love love this fun polk a dot travel case and bags that were sent by my secret blog pal! (Secret gift giving is such fun so I joined a "secret blog pal" group where we send little notes and gifts for two months and then at the end, we find out. Kind of like a secret santa!)
Thank you SBP! She was so thoughtful to put travel and polk dots together!! Aren't red and white polka dots so bright and cheery? And now this joins my other polk a dot fun things! This is absolutely perfect to take to Russia and each time I look at it I'll smile and think of SBP!  Thank you!


One more day until take off!!  We received our visas today and last apostilled doc so we are good to go!!
Can't believe all this is happening. It's times like these I want to soak it all in and be truly "in the moment", so the next two nights I want to have candle light dinners ( like the one last night) with my boys and talk about the fun things we will look forward to with Rosie and our journey to Russia; and also talk about how God brought us to this place and thank Him for this journey of adoption that has been going on for over 2 years.

Am thinking up creative things we can do for the ten day waiting period in Russia.  We'll have 10 days before we actually have Rosie in our hotel, so it will be Mike, Sam and I all together in one hotel room and 30 degrees outside. I have Uno and Monopoly and lots of card games, books, paper and coloring books, crayons, movies, etc. If anyone has any ideas of creative things to do... would love ideas!

Oh, also, my sore throat is not here right now.. it disappeared! Thank you for your prayers!