Passports and Pink Coat

Yipeee! A beautiful fed ex package landed at our door step today.  It is something that we have been waiting for and sooo thankful and happy we have it now.  Because our Sam can now officially travel to Russia!! We received his Russian passport today! Yipeeeee!  Wow, things have been down to the wire, but day by day; it's exciting to see God work and how He is going before us and behind us on this trip of a lifetime.  Tomorrow we should receive our Visa's. Whew! Lots of official this and official that...I can't wait to get on that plane and sit down and just relax!  Hmmmm... need to check out the in flight movies so I can start getting prepared for 11 hours of sitting.

Oh, my heart is so thankful for all the prayers for our trip, for Sam's passport, for Rosie. Thank you all!  I do have another request... that we will all stay well and be extra healthy on the trip.  I am getting a sore throat and am taking some coldeze and hope it goes away tomorrow. Funny because I had one right before the last trip and then asked for people to pray for our health and my sore throat... and bam, sore throat went away!  Thank you all again for your prayers. We really do appreciate each and everyone!  

So on to the pink coat....!

It just snowed this past weekend in Kras so the temp is pretty chilly even in September.  We are packing warm stuff and gathering all hats, mittens, coats, etc. And I have had this picture in my mind of bringing Rosie out of the orphanage in a frolicky fun coat and have been looking around for one for the past few weeks.... just hoping that the perfect one would pop up and it did!  Yea for TJ Maxx!  This darling pink coat with white fluff collar and cuffs caught my eye instantly.  I was so happy to find it and now can picture Rosie in her warm cozy coat... and maybe she will be carrying the fairy wand as well.  Yes, this all is kind of magical! Kind of like a fairytale.....IMG_3266_2

And she can either wear the furry hood or the brown Rosie hat and mittens.  This coat will be very special because it  will take her from her old world to her new world.  I remember leaving the orphanage with Sam in his furry bear outfit. ( Wow, it seems a lifetime ago that we adopted Sam... was it only 5 years ago? I feel like we have had him forever)  Many memories wrapped up in that cozy outfit. And sure we'll be making many new ones with this pink and dreamy Rosie coat.

Countdown..... TWO more DAYS!