Paris Fun!

How cute is this dress???? It's pure Parisian Frolick! You have the adventures of Paris plus moped and Poodle all placed on one very adorable dress!

Teresa ( a great friend from the college days) gave this whimsy fun dress to Rosie the other day.  Teresa and I got together and had lots of fun catching up on life and laughing about the old days.  It was inspiring to hear her talk about her 8th grade daughter and the sweet relationship they have even in the middle of the Junior High years. It's always refreshing talking to her.  Teresa and I spent several summers together with mission groups, so that is probably why it is so easy to pick up where we left off.  We spent the summer at the beach one year. I think it was 6 girls in one little motel room... crazy! And then, another year, we went to Tokyo, Japan with about 8 other college students. Now, that was quite an adventure!  We ate octopus pancakes( they sell them on the street like a hotdog vendor) and climbed Mount Fuji one night. Climbing that volcano was quite an experience. I'll never forget seeing the stars and how they covered the sky from one end of the horizon to the other. It seemed like the stars were not only above us, but below us as well.  An amazing sight... amazing memory.  Ok.. I think I am rambling. Probably should be talking about Paris instead of Tokyo.  But I can't talk about Teresa without talking about the Tokyo summer:)

This Paris dress is super FUN!  Thank you so much Teresa!
 ( Oh, I think that is MoMo riding on the back of the scooter!)

Countdown.....5 more days!!!!