Phone calls, PJ's, Bows and a Crown!

So much to write about!  There has been a flurry.... ( and that is a big understatement) in our little Robinson household. Making phone calls to Embassy and senators and state officials and all... and those phone calls were blessed in the sweetest of ways because Mike talked to a very kind lady at the Russian Embassy in DC. From the conversation, the embassy is able to process Sam's Russian passport and get it back to us early this upcoming week! yea!!!  I want to bake cupcakes and light candles... just to celebrate!!  Everything has been falling into place and it is definitely God's gift of his answer to many prayers.  Amazing how God works and how he teaches us patience and trust in him through these tight deadlines of life.  Thank you all for your prayers for Sam's passport. They were definitely felt and heard!

The land of "early Christmas" continues to bring much joy and laughter here at our house.  My dear friend, Amy, and her family gave Rosie such fun presents!  Rosie now has cupcake and polka dot pjs and cute kitty pjs!  It was so special to receive these because I was just in the store that sells the pjs and I saw them and wanted to buy them, but thought, "no, I need to restrain."  And then, 4 hours later, they were sweetly nestled among tissue paper and a polka dot box!  How wonderful!  Along with the "oh so cute and soft!" pjs,  Amy gave Rosie a glittering crown... another reminder of all those wonderful girl things like dress up and make believe!  Oh, can the day come soon enough where I get to see Rosie play make believe and put on fluffy dresses and crowns and little dainty fairy slippers?  Amy has 2 girls who are 2 and 3 years old ( who will soon be Rosie's new friends)  so she knows all about girl stuff and she gave a cute little brown hat and mittens and also the ever famous Barney video.  Wow, Barney, I forgot all about him, but he will be making his way into our house with all the song and dance of Barney land.  I had to remind Sam today( as we made our big trip to Target to get travel stuff), "Sam, you know that you will have to watch some "baby" shows with Rosie". I think Sam secretly likes some "baby" shows and it will be a trip down memory lane for him.:) Sam is also receiving gifts too and Ford ( Amy's son, who is also adopted from Russia) gave Sam a Star Wars coloring book and fun bag of travel stuff for the flight!  Thank you Whitson family for all the super fun gifts!
And look at the bows!!  Amy's sweet mom made all these bows!  It was so thoughtful of her and I can't wait to put them in Rosie's hair!!  Amy picked out the ribbon and thought about which colors could go with different dresses.  The black and white polka dot for the "Paris dress", the orange polka dot one for a Tennessee outfit, the pinks for all her pinky outfits. I could go on and on. To think that everyone of these bows were handmade by Amy's mom, each stitch and twist that went into making these bows is very special. Am overwhelmed by all the kindness that is overflowing to our little family.



And another precious gift that makes my heart sing!!  The dear Grinnell family gave Rosie these frolicky pink pjs and Rosie will be soo snuggly in these!  The Grinnell family was one of the first families I met when I worked at Covenant with the youth ministry. ( way back in 1993). I called them "my adopted family" since they lived in Bham and my parents were in Georgia, plus I was not married at the time so it was really special to have a family so warm and fun loving. They have 3 amazing children ( Ellen, Anne and David) that went through the youth ministry when I was there and are now all grown up and dear friends of ours. We have had many many wonderful memories through the year....Trips to Mexico, Belize, the beach, Sandtown, Colorado.... am smiling just thinking about all those fun times we had!

So when I pick out these pjs for Rosie to wear, I can tell her about the Grinnell family and how special they are. I'll point to the little bird on her pjs and share with her how we prayed for her over many years and called her "birdie". She will definitely have sweet sing song dreams in these soft pjs.  I think she'll dream about birds and apple trees.  And in the pjs from the Whitson family, she'll dream about baking cupcakes and playing with kittens. And as she wears those pjs, I can tell her what precious friends the Whitsons are to us.  Gifts are so special in that way because they tell a story.  There is a special story wrapped in each gift, because there are dear friends and family behind each present.  And as our Rosie is now only a couple of weeks away from entering an entire new world, my prayer is that she will see and feel the love that went before her and surrounds her even now and into the future.

The countdown:  6 more days until we fly to Rosie land!  Suitcases are now being packed and safety locks are being put on the cabinet doors ( even as I write). We are booking our tickets today ( have them on hold for 48 hours) and hope to hear "official word" of our courtdate this upcoming Monday! yipee!