Beauty Land


Perfect afternoon of venturing out of the house and into one of our favorite outdoor places.  This little spot of pure beauty is only 5 minutes from our house and it is a preserve of 250 acres in the middle of a city. We love it! Sam had the best time getting a little wet and he had a little follower as well.  Mo Mo enjoyed the time as much as we did!

Happy boy!

Happy dog!
Happy waterfall!... small red leaves right by the waterfall as a reminder that fall is on it's way! yea!

This area is filled with large boulders that fill up an entire hillside.. some of the boulders are up to 40 feet high. It's always fun to see the rock climbers out and about and the hikers, the dog walkers and frolickers as well. This  sandstone glade ( pic above) was filled with wildflowers of purples, pinks and yellows. Sometimes when I am just standing on the big rock( the sandstone glade)..I think, "wow, I feel like this could be the Smoky Mountains."  It is stunningly gorgeous and I'm so thankful we have these acres of beauty only a few minutes away.  Just thought of something... next time we head to the Preserve, we'll have sweet Rosie with us. We need to break out the backpack carrier soon!

Countdown:  8 days to Russia!