The Countdown Begins!


This little Russian girl ( aka Rosie leaving the orphanage) was so much fun to embroider this past weekend.  To make French knot polka dots and fuzzy boots and hat was bliss. There is something so energizing yet relaxing about getting a needle and thread out.  Now I want to sew little girls with all types of  frolicky outfits.  Maybe have theme outfits ...  "A weekend in Paris",  "A day at the zoo",   "Picnic time", "Campfires and marshmellows".  Oh, the list could go on and on. But I don't know why I am babbling about that because I have very very exciting news!!!  Are you ready???

Yesterday, we found out that we have an "unofficial court date"!!  YIPPPPPPEEEEE! When I read the email about the court date, I thought... oh my, oh my.... the court date has finally come!!!!... and then I scrolled fast and furious down the email to the date set. When would it be? When are we leaving???? We are LEAVING IN TEN DAYS!!   PURE EXCITEMENT IN THE HOUSE! Sam and I were running around saying, "we're going to get Rosie, we're going to get Rosie!"
So, my mind is racing and I am in the mode of "pinch me, is this all real!?" Are we really leaving in 10 days??? The Russian office said to get plane tix on hold until we are a definite "official".  Hope to hear soon on that note!  Our court date is set for September 23! WOW!!!  So we will be leaving Friday, September 19 and will hopefully return on Saturday, October 11 or on the 14. We're hoping for the 11th!
Three weeks in Russia is flying our way!! And we will be official parents of sweet precious Rosie on September 23 if all goes as planned! I am in happy mode and excited mode and can't wait to jump on that plane bound to Russia and hold our dear Rosie and finally have her as our daughter... our sweet little girl, God's precious gift!


And with God's precious gift of Rosie, comes many adventures of creating some fun girl outfits... I had this red corduroy jumper and thought it would be cute to put a "wee wonderful" design on it.  So, the embroidered Rosie is now happily on the jumper!  Yipee!

It's been such a special time preparing for Rosie and getting all her girly stuff ready. My heart is continually and daily filled with gratitude for all the love and support and encouragement and prayer from our dear family and friends. Thank you all so much for walking this "Rosie Road" with us... .it has been absolutely amazing to see God work in his timing and his perfect ways. And speaking of timing and perfect ways... we have a prayer request for Sam's passports.

His passport is in New Orleans and we hope to get it ASAP...... we had a few extra days added to the processing because of the hurricane.  But our BIG BIG prayer is that we will be able to renew his Russian passport. We didn't know until today that we have to have a Russian passport for him as well as US passport and the place that processes Russian passports is in Houston, TX.  Now there is a hurricane heading to Texas so our prayer is "hurricane, go away" and that all this passport stuff will happen soon... very soon.  I sooo want Sam to go with us and see his heritage, the land where he was born, and have dreamed about that special moment of him meeting his sister for the first time. Plus, he is sooo excited about going to Russia. Today, I had to just step back a little and give all this over to God.  Remembering the ever so perfect verse, "Be anxious for nothing, but in all things, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." That is my theme verse for the week!  

Thanks so much for your prayers!   We'll keep you updated, but for now, we are on a major countdown!!