Rosie's Russian Dress


This sewing machine... has been around for a while. My parents gave this to me either after high school graduation or it's pretty old... 20 years? 16 years?... maybe I could go so far and call it vintage?)

Dear Sewing Machine,

Are you ready for a weekend of sewing a very special dress?  I hope so!

This weekend, my parents came in town and mom and I had a special project to accomplish.... making a Russian dress for Rosie.  This Russian dress is very special because I found these adorable skirts on Hannah's website and immediately pictured Rosie and I wearing matching skirts.  So, I ordered a skirt, but Hannah only made grown up skirts; however, she generously sent me extra matryoshka doll fabric so I could sew Rosie a matching outfit.  Now, to give a little background... I am not a very good seamstress. I took a sewing class in high school and to put it all in a nutshell, it wasn't my favorite class. But my mom is an excellent sewer.  She has made the most amazing outfits and dresses and can pretty much sew anything and do it very well. So, I called mom and told her about the fabric and possibility for a Rosie outfit.  Mom was excited about helping out and we decided on a pattern,  thought a dress jumper would be cute,  and set aside a weekend of sewing. And voila... here is a post about a very special dress and also very special time with my mom!

Day one: Friday
Mom and dad arrive and mom and I drive over to Hancock's and buy extra material to go with the nesting doll material.
Day two: Saturday 
It all starts with a pattern, scissors and some fabric. We didn't have as much fabric needed for the pattern, so we had to improvise.  We weren't sure about the outcome, but we took a chance.  There always needs to be a little risk in sewing, right?

My wonderful mom... happily sewing away!

Day two:  Lounging around on Saturday night. Love this photo.  It's always fun to get my dad smiling in a photo... but how can he not smile with my mom hugging him and laughing?.... My parent's love and devotion continually remind me of how blessed I am to have them as my mom and dad.  
Day three: Still sewing...we have the ruffle on... oh, and there is something else in the pic( do you see it?) ...will talk about that tomorrow:)  After sewing and zigzagging and pinning and talking and laughing and eating chocolate pie from Johnny Ray's.... we finally finished the dress.  I am saying "we" but mom sewed 99% of it!

Da Da Da...... presenting..... dress + purse + skirt!


Can't wait to see Rosie in this dress and holding her little purse!  And so we have our matching outfits that I have dreamed about.  Next time I have that skirt on will be when I am holding on to Rosie's little hand as we walk around the streets of Krasnoyarsk! Yipeee! Can't wait... now, let's see, the court date should be coming soon!
Yipeee! The finished dress!  It is beautiful!  Mom did a fabulous job... oh, so perfect!!
And we made a matching purse to go with it! This dress makes my heart sing and dance and skip!  
Below is the pic of the backside of the dress.  Since we didn't have enough matryoshka doll fabric, mom had the great idea of adding a strip of the burgandy velvet to the back. And then we cut out one of the matryoshkas and stitched her on to the back. It's like a surprise when you look at the back.. not expecting anything, but then... Voila!  Another smiling Russian nesting doll!



And a peek into Rosie's room. Oh, there is so much to share about the creative projects buzzing around this house right now! 

Love this photo. Sunday afternoon, Sam working on a puzzle. Sunlight coming through the windows.
What you can't see in the photo is mom and I buzzing around the house and giddy with excitement over our little sewing creation.  Mom also helped me "fluff" up the house with hanging pictures that needed to be on the wall a long time ago and she helped in getting things done to make the house ready for Rosie. Thank you mom for helping me sew this precious dress for Rosie, for getting me back into the bug of sewing, for helping me "fluff" the house and just being your joy-filled self.  It's so fun to have you here! Each time you walk through our doors, it's like a bright sunshine coming through! I can't wait to see what "Rosie things" we'll sew this upcoming year as we welcome our daughter and your granddaughter  into our hearts!
Thanks for making the weekend so special!