Dream Bike


Just discovered this bike while browsing around the good ole internet.... 

it's     a m a z i n g. 

 It's called the Petro Zillia from Electra Bikes. I've never heard of the fashion designer Petro Zillio,so had to look him up.  (After seeing his prices on clothing, I realized why I have never heard of him).

Electra is the winner of creativity and imagination out there in bike world, but this one takes the cake of cakes... oh my... it's filled with whimsy and color, and brightness and cheer, and I think if one rides this bike they would be laughing the entire time and singing too! So I researched and called a store to find out more about this "petro zillia", but was sad to hear... it is not available anymore. Oh, well, maybe some dayI can find it on ebay.  But it's fun just to look at it with all it's merriment.

Now I'm thinking... well, I could get some paints out and put some flowers on my own bike... and some stripes...swirls maybe....

Could make a fun basket liner like this pink polka dotted one... 
But then again, I like my Pink simple bike just fine..... So, I'll just have fun looking at the petro zillia and imagining myself riding around the beach pathways on it with all it's design and frolick buzzing around.
P.S. Ok, I may add some poms poms to mine, just to give a little whim and flair:). Annnndd maybe a polka dotted liner in the basket too.  Yep, that would be perfect!
P.S.S. Anyone out there with this Petro Zillia?... will trade painting for bike!