Pink and White Delight!


Brown paper packages tied up with string.... ( ribbon) 
These are a few of my favorite things... 

Another AMAZING Rosie present arrived in the mail today! Now it's Christmas in September! Yipeee!

And a sweet note to go along with this "oh so Frenchie gift"!
It's from a dear friend of mine, Jill Hollis ( aka Jilly Bean). Back in our college days we used to write notes to each other in class and make up funny stories about being future neighbors and owning zoo type animals for pets.  I'll never forget the story she wrote about riding on her pet giraffe to visit my neighboring cottage. Oh, the fun of college days and imagination.  Nineteen years later,  Jill has a enchanted house in Nashville, a great hubby and 4 wonderful kids, plus a brand new pink and white bike... but no giraffe. What I love about Jill is that she has that natural ability of making people laugh.  She is one of those people who can just say one little sentence, and you are doubled over laughing.  Every time we get together, she is saying something funny but the great part is she doesn't mean to, she just doesn't take herself too seriously. I have told her several times she needs to write a book about motherhood because many of her stories would cheer up any mom's day.  Maybe soon you will hear about the mommy writer... Jilly.  

A few years ago at Jill's family lake house... Spent lots of time just talking and laughing.

 Jill's precious girls... and little Sam ( he was two).  Her girls are so much fun to be around. They all went to French camp this past summer which was extra special to have them there!  And since that pic above, there are two more little ones in Jill's family... one boy and one more girl! I think having 4 kids makes her even more light hearted and funny!
And so with the inspiration of France.... look at this beautiful box!   It's almost too pretty to open, I could just hang the box lid on the wall and call it "le eiffel"( in French accent of course).   But inside this eiffel tower box was......

The MOST AMAZING tea set! yes!! It's FRENCH! How cute is this?? How dainty and perfect and pink?!  It was one more girl thing that I haven't thought about very much.. or rather at all. Rosie and I can have tea parties! And Rosie and her friends can have tea parties! Oh, me.. oh my!! I can already imagine tea parties out in the yard in springtime.... yes, can picture it right now. Think it should be under the jasmine arbor or maybe by the fairy rose bush.   
Love how the tea pot is nodding it's head.. kind of like saying, "How do you do?" "Would you like some tea madam?" And the pink and white striped cups even have a french saying inside, "le the pour deux."  Which means ( I think) "tea for two". How sweet!  The tea set reminds me of candy, maybe because of the sweet candy pink and white.  Oh, I just love it!  Jilly, can't wait to have a tea party with Rosie, you and your girls! I'm sure we'll be laughing the whole way through it! Oh, and from your idea.. we'll have to have pink milk too!