Home Sweet Home


The cheerful bag that says it all!  Just received this fun colorful and ever so whimsy bag in the mail! Yipee! Think it will perfect for our travel time to Russia... 11 hours to Moscow... 5 hours to Krasnoyarsk... 3 hours to Kansk.... and here and there and everywhere! It will be filled with snacks, toys and books for Rosie and Sam and whatever else we can stuff inside. Can't wait to have this sweet bag go with us:) Also, the home sweet home means more than just our house here in Birmingham.  When I  met, dated and fell in love with Mike, I remember saying to my friends, "he is 'home' to me."  For the first 5 years of our marriage, Mike was "home" to me, then along came wee little Sam and I gained another boy in my life who became "home" for me. So when we are all in our little hotel room in Russia, or speeding along the bumpy interstates toward Kansk,  eating in the Moscow airport or walking along the Russian rivers... wherever we are as our little family, we are "home".  So this bag reveals that special reminder. Yes, we will be away for about a month, we will miss our home, our comfy beds, our space, our things... but that is not the real home. My real home is Mike, Sam and our soon to be...little Rosie.

And from the inspiration of the  "home sweet home" bag,  I finished Rosie's St. Basil's/lollipop land painting. Doesn't St. Basil's remind you of a candy house?  All the bright colors and swirls and cheer!  

It was a lot of fun to have a playful spirit with this painting... you can't see it in the painting, but there is a lot of mixed media stuff... .ric rac, paper flowers, buttons, glittery dots, polk a dot ribbon, etc.  And the quote is from the Russian folktalk, "The Firebird."  I was kind of hesitant about using the word, "princess". Would much rather use" little girl". But the Firebird has a princess in it and Rosie's full name is Anastasia Rose and there is a story about a Russian princess named Anastasia.  Also, I looked up the meaning of Anastasia and it means, "resurrection." Think that is pretty fitting to the story of Rosie's life and her new life that lies ahead and is hopefully only a few weeks away.  
P.S. I hope Rosie loves color!