Red + Polk a Dots = Cheer!


A great thing about growing older is realizing more and more what things we love... one of the things that I love is simply this:
the color red
and polk a dots
 .... add those together and it spells "Happiness, Cheer, Love, Playful, Fun and Whimsical!"
Just found these adorable red and white polka dot shoes for Rosie..... and they were only $4! Great consignment sale this week and oh, bought some little things for Rosie..... pics of those fun little things coming soon.....

More polk a dot love!  Wearing aprons makes the day feel a little more carefree and playful, don't you think??
And some more of Cath Kidston fun stuff!

And the ribbon on my favorite, most creative, wonderful bag of all time!  Yep, I ordered a special bag for our Russia trip and it just arrived today!  I was sooo thrilled and love to just look at it and think about our trip to the faraway land.  So, all in all, realizing how much I love red and white polk a dots! Makes me want to skip rope or maybe just skip.  My mom is coming over next weekend to help make the little matryoshka dress for Rosie, so I may have to buy some red and white polk a dot fabric to see what we can come up with!  The Rosie projects continue!