Candy Paper and Cavallini

With all the super sweet treats for Rosie, it has also been  fun to write "thank you notes"  on my favorite stationary, Cath Kidston.
Love her papers, her colors, her polk a dots mixed with big cabbage roses and stripes.. .plus, the birdies.  Good, colorful paper is like being a kid in a candy store.  With all the colorful swirls and stripes of candy, paper is the same way, but wayyyy better.  Paper allows one to tell a story, to express their love, their gratitude, their novels, their hopes, their fears, their dreams.  Writing is a favorite of mine and even though so much is typed out on the good ole computer,  I still love the old fashioned part of paper. I love the feel of it, the freshness, the big, white, journal sheets ( with no lines) that greet me every morning. Everything about paper is absolutely wonderful.



And with the paper love comes the birdie love.  Have been placing little bird stickers in my journal as the days pass during our "waiting time".  It's fun to use the stickers for happy thoughts of Rosie and the future of our little family of birds.  Cavallini& Co. is one amazing and creative company that make these tins of stickers and stamps and beautiful paper.  Somehow they just know what is beautiful and what people love.


And more stamps...Just discovered how much I love stamps!  Also use these in journal/ writing time.  Thanks Cath Kidston and Cavalinni and Co for putting more "sugar and spice" in the world of writing!  These companies have definitely swirled the love of paper, color, nature and art all together!