Box that tells a Story...


Another amazing box arrived on our doorstep! And I really can't contain my excitement! It was this big box and the return address was from my high school friend, Laurie and her family!  She is the one who just sent the beautiful happy whimsy dress just a few days before. Laurie was one of those best friends from high school that truly made high school so much fun.  The memories were many....  before getting our driver's license, I remember sitting in her convertible red bug in her garage and pretending we were going to football games... pom poms in hand, cheering when no one else could hear.  And then after  having a driver's license, we buzzed around in her  bug.. hair flying.... listening to Bon Jovi, Prince... all those 80's bands..... riding around on the blue moped, summers of cheerleading camps, falls filled with football games, lots of bus rides and singing, "I'm proud to be an American." So many memories. It seemed like we packed 10 years into 4 small years.  And then fast forward 20 years....

 And now she is a beach mom of 4 happy children. She is an inspiration as a mom with her creativity, love, and energy she puts into each day.  It's been alot of fun to watch her kids grow... they are all beautiful and so fun to be around!  So, as I opened this box... all those memories of Laurie in high school and now, Laurie as an amazing mom come to mind. In this special box were layers of gifts for Rosie!.. and I mean layers and layers!  Yes, the Christmas time continues. I feel like a little kid all over again when I open up these boxes. Oh, me oh my!  The very special part about these gifts is that they included dresses and all sorts of girl stuff that her own sweet girls have worn. How dear is that?? Love love these dresses! They are all so perfect.. I think I was jumping around the room as I was opening the box! And the bedtime book for Ted.. that has to be one of the most creative bedtime books I have ever read! Yes, check that on the list.... bedtime book going in suitcase for Russia!


And under another layer of tissue paper were more gifts! She sent fun leotards of different colors wrapped with red yarn! Oh, Laurie, you really know how to start creating those sweet thoughts of, "oh, my, Rosie can do fun ballet things!" and underneath the little leotards was the sweetest ballet book! And some tights too! Laurie, you thought of everything girly!!


And YES! she even included an American Girl t- shirt!  I  adore American Girl and even get the magazine in the mail... yes, think I really am an 8 year old at heart. But now, I can have an excuse for all this girl stuff and Rosie and I can go to those tea parties at the American Girl store...... yep, check that on my list of "future fun girl stuff to do!"  And there were more amazing things.. a whimsy, frolicky,  green skirt and oh, the list goes on!

Another layer of tissue paper and on the very bottom was this gorgeous white dress.. wish you could see the delicate embroidery. The pure loveliness of this dress is beyond words... it's a "dream dress".. a dress to dream in, to float around in, to skip and sing in... and to definitely twirl in:)  It is Rosie's first white dress.:)... amazing.. amazing....
But one thing was left... the dearest of all... this white pillow with the little letters forming the name lovingly embroidered by Laurie. At that point, my happy bouncing around gave way to some happy tears....just to think about Laurie and her family getting this entire box ready and then to think about this hand sewn Rosie pillow by Laurie is overwhelmingly wonderful....  I was very touched by their kindness. This box is so much more than clothes... but is like a storybook... describing what it will be like to have a little girl..... dresses, skirts, American Girl, ballet, book reading... dainty land... fairy land.... dream land..... and then the Rosie pillow at the very bottom of the box. My heart is filled up! Thank you sweet Borick family... Laurie, Ken, Reagan, Ellie, Jay and Luke. Thank you for making this box that truly tells a story of "Girl Delight"!  The day will come when Rosie will travel down to the beach and give all of you a big big hug!  Thank you, thank you dear Borick family!
Thank you for reminding me more of the wonders of raising a little girl!