My Artist Boys


This past Sunday turned into a little art time here at the Robinson house.  Mike wanted to get out his watercolors so that inspired Sam to do the same.  Happiness is... watching my boys paint away a Sunday afternoon.

Sam had lots of fun creating all kinds of original art....From Star Wars to a pic of his little sister.  I love his way of viewing things... of seeing through "Sam eyes".  And I love love watching him create. Delights me! Wonder if that is a little glimpse into how God feels when we sees us create?

And here is the special painting of the day. He painted his little sister... Rosie.

So sweet... "Sam to Roseei"... love it and love my little artist!
And Mike painted well into the evening..... it was so calming to walk into the dining room/art studio. Music was playing softly, Mike quietly painting.... magical. Love to watch my hubby paint... there is something so sweet about it.  He is a very gifted artist. I am always impressed and in awe of what he creates. I love my artist hubby!
Beautiful beautiful... can you tell Mike loves to fly fish... this is his inspiration. I envision small watercolor paintings starting to pop up around our house.
Another beautiful watercolor he painted on Monday night.... "original by Michael Keith Robinson".  I told Mike we could have both our paintings in art shows. That would be perfect... husband and wife team. Husband: watercolorist. Wife: Whimsy-ist.  Now that the Olympics are over, I'm looking forward to quieter nights with my watercolorist husband humming to his music and happily, gently painting into the night.