Let Them Eat Cake!


Off to Atlanta on Saturday to celebrate Mike's dad's 65th birthday!  What a fun day we had! Filled up with lots of non stop play with the cousins, leaf jumping,  hammock swinging, garden looking, book reading, grocery frolicking,  happy talking and of course cake eating!


Is it already fall?? Looks like it!  Boys playing in the leaves and Ben's cute head popping up from the pile! More laughs... more play!  Just love this photo!


Boys will be boys..... dancing, striking a pose?? Not sure what they're doing but they had a blast playing badminton. 


Father and son... Ted's birthday gift from everyone was his new grill!  And those burgers cooked on his Weber were very delicious! yum!!!  Thank you grill masters!


And from the grill masters to the garden girls...Mary Pat and Patty. This tomato plant was sadly falling over because it had sooo many beautiful tomatoes on it, but with another stake in the ground.. it stood up proud and happy!  The girls ( Claire, MP, Patty and I) made an adventurous outing while the guys hung out at the house.  Destination for the girls... Trader Joe's! Wow, I have never been there and was very excited about going!  Have heard lots of buzz about the great food.. good cheap wine, etc.  After visiting, it is definitely THE favorite place to buy food!  Never knew one could have so much fun in a grocery store! We had a blast looking at everything and Mp, Claire and Patty were veterans so it was fun to see their favorite items in the store.... oh, wish Birmingham would get one. Maybe some day! 

Can you guess who this little guy is? It's the birthday boy! Mike and I had the best time looking through this scrapbook that Mike's dad made when he was younger.  The photos are priceless.  And we were very impressed that Ted put this scrapbook together when he was only in middle school or high school... it was very witty and creative! 


And the birthday boy with his candle lit cake glowing! Patty made him delicious homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing! yum!!  

To wind down the day, the boys had story reading time with GeeGee.  She read "Off to First Grade" to Ben and Sam since both of them started first grade this year. It was the sweetest book filled with colorful,playfully creative illustrations.  Super fun day with everyone!  On the drive home, we chattered away about the great day with our family and talked about our favorite parts which included ....everything!  Am blessed to have wonderful in-laws and nieces and nephews.  It is all a treasure.... each party.. each year... each time we get together. And I'm continually grateful to Mike's parents for raising an amazing, loving and precious son and being a great GeeGee and Da to Sam and soon Rosie! They are beautiful examples of love and kindness ; and show sincere care and thoughtfulness towards each family member. Makes me happy just thinking about this day and thinking about the gift of  family.  Fun to celebrate my dad's 66th birthday last weekend and my father in law's 65th birthday this weekend!  
Three cheers for family!