Christmas in August!


I'll have to admit, it seems like Christmas here at the Robinson house!  Every few days,  fun packages arrive in the mail or through a friend's hand and hug.... with the name, "Rosie Robinson" on them. So fun to think about Rosie being in Russia and how she is receiving all these gifts but she has no idea.  Some day, she can look back in her scrapbook and see all the love that was poured out to her. And there is so much of it!  I'm completely filled up with thankfulness in seeing how sweet friends have been joining us in celebrating this happy happy time.  This does feel like Christmas..... and the best part is that with all these precious gifts...( that I like to look at over and over again and take pictures of.. and imagine Rosie in and also playing with)... the best part is that there is a Rosie over in Russia who is ours... our own little wee daughter living 1/2 way around the world and if I am comparing all these presents to how it feels at Christmas...... then Rosie would be the BIG.. HUGE  present on Christmas day!.... fun to think that Rosie is our "big present" ( not from the North Pole) but straight from our Heavenly Father!  An amazing feeling... it's glee and excitement and a "pinch me, is this real?" sort of feeling.   And these presents that pop up at our doorstep or given straight into our hands..... are the sweetest reminders that, "Yes, Rosie is coming soon".... she will be playing with her toys, snuggling with her Moopie and BlaBla and she will be in these adorable outfits... soon, yes, soon.

I had to take several pics of this whimsically wrapped present.... just looking at the box was a gift in itself!
Love the sticker with all the happy smiling children and the simple, yet beautiful red and whites!
And more happy smiling children on the tissue paper.. just love it!... so what could be inside this cheery red box???
An absolutely beautiful and perfectly WHIMSY DRESS!  I LOVE IT!  When I opened up the box, the colors just sang on the dress and I probably was talking to myself and saying... "Oh, i love it.. love it!".. well, actually I was telling MoMo ( our dog)!  But I do love this happy, color-filled, flower dancing dress! It is definitely made for a party and I just can't wait to put Rosie in it!  She has to be in a good mood if she wears this.  So, this is my plan.. if Rosie is grumpy or having one of those "two year old days"... out comes the "happy dress".  Wouldn't it be great if it were that easy.....if we could change our kid's moods just by putting happy clothing on them?

And this beautiful whimsy and wonder- filled fun dress is from one of my dearest of high school friends...Laurie and her sweet family!  Thank you Borick family....! I love love it!  In fact, I think this dress will be an inspiration for paintings in the future... the colors... the dots and fun swirlys are pure merriment!  Thank you for adding sunshine to this day of days.... but wait... there is one more thing......

FUN, COLORFUL TIGHTS!!! YES, TIGHTS that go perfectly with her DRESS!! And I'll say.... that I do have visions... not of "sugar plums dancing in my head."  But "Rosie twirling with flowery tights!"  This is all magical in getting our "nest" ready for Rosie.... I know it will not be a "rose garden all the time" and "perfect land" with a two year old little girl who has to rapidly adjust to a new culture, new food, new language, new everything,  but to savor every bit of God's goodness and sweetness and to have all these wonderful gifts of love given to our dear little Rosie makes my heart and soul sing.  So, here I am today... singing...... and singing...... and loving every bit of this Christmas "time" before the Big day finally arrives... and I can't imagine how much my heart will sing then!  Rosie..... can you feel this love 1/2 way around the world?? I hope so!!