Bikes, Bliss, and Birthdays


Great weekend at my parents as we celebrated my dad's 66th birthday!  We also gave mom her belated Mother's Day present... ( just a few months late). But she loved her new pink bike and it will be perfect for those fun beach roads we'll journey down and around.  This pink bike is in for a true adventure and will soon see the "magical beaches" of 30-A!  


Love seeing my mom's smile as she rides her bike! I think my mom and I both agree that riding bikes is one of our favorite things to do at the beach. It's pure beach bliss! We love to go down the secret pathways in Seaside and journey around to Watercolor and the back roads of Seagrove.  Of course, it's lots of fun to ride to the beach, park our bike and head down to the beautiful sea!  We love our pink bikes! yipee!!


Along with the birthday celebration and bike riding, the cousins had time for light sabor battles and catching butterflies!

And my precious dad... this was his special weekend!  He turned 66 and mom gave him a cake with green and yellow ( representing John Deere). Dad has always loved John Deere tractors and collected and restored several through the years.  I feel like during the past 6 years since dad's brain injury, I am getting to know and love my dad in a new way.  I love every smile that spreads across his face and I love every time his eyes sparkle and shimmer.  I cherish all the memories I have had with him through the years and look forward to making more memories with him. My mom and my dad are my heroes as well as my dearest of friends. They are the ones who have taught me what love, loyalty and devotion is all about.  And as each birthday passes and each candle blown out,  my heart is filled with thanksgiving for all the blessings of years that God has given us.   Wishing you, dad, a great 66th year! Happy Birthday!