Blabla and dresses


Another fun and whimsy gift for Rosie!  And it's a Blabla! How cute is this little creature??.... oh, I love him or is it a her?  I think it is a her because she has sweet flower eyes plus she is dressed in pink and orange so that is very girly.  Our dear friends, Rushton, Derek and their two children, Rollins and Anne Rainey gave this sweet and oh, so very soft blabla to Rosie.  I love this little flower girl! Thank you Waltchack family!


is an amazing website that has lots of blabla's and you can see the creativity and color and fun that goes into each one!  I love looking at the pics on the website where the kids are sleeping with their blabla's.  So sweet! And when Rushton gave me the card for Rosie, it was the first card with Rosie's entire name written on paper.... Rosie Robinson.  Just makes me happy reading it and seeing the ink of her name on paper.  Just beautiful!  
And Rosie received another gift in the mail too! It is so much fun receiving these precious gifts!  This gift was this  beautiful smocked lavender dress... oh, so pretty!!  It is from our sweet friends in Kentucky- Lee, Cynthia and their 3 children, Caroline, Sarah Glenn and Wilson. Thank you Insko family!

And look at the smocking on this dress and the little rosebuds and pearls. So intricate and beautiful.  Smocking is really so delicate and girly. Kind of reminds of designing a wedding cake and the layering rosebuds and flowers and swirlys.  Wedding cakes and smocked dresses... like those two together! Oh, I can just imagine Rosie in it with her stitched roses and with her lavender bow that matches!  ( the dress came with a bow! Cynthia, you thought of everything!)


Do you remember Moopie?  Well, guess what happened tonight?  Moopie and Blabla became friends!  I was wondering if Moopie would feel left out when Blabla arrived but I looked over and all of a sudden they were in the garden girl bag that Katie made. And it looked like they want to go to Paris because they were talking in French and looking at the Eiffel tower lamp!  Also, Moopie always looks kind of sleepy, but she is really very energetic sometimes!

A few minutes later,  I walked back into the room and they were reading together. And the book they picked out from Rosie's bookcase was.......can you guess? 


None other than one of the most wonderful books in the world.... "Anne of Green Gables".   Can't wait to read dear Anne to little Rosie.  Someday... someday.  
And I have a feeling that Moopie and Blabla will go on some exciting adventures together.  They were already bopping around the room tonight and talking about the fun of flying to Russia to meet their owner which they call.... princess Rosie.  Much to look forward to and dream about. Tonight, I think I'll dream about cakes, dresses, Prince Edward Island and little Rosie.
Sweet dreams to you!  or rather Good Morning!