Paper Bags and Doodles


It really is amazing how one.. no, make that two paper bags can inspire me for years and years! This Oilily bag and the one below are two treasured bags that I keep for inspiration.  The playfulness, color and total whimsy makes these bags move to high ranking status in my book!  I give these bags a gold medal in the land of bag making.  ( Can you tell I've been watching the Olympics?....yep, every night!.. but we fast forward through the "not so interesting parts" like Michael Phelps continuing to win gold.... no really, that is our favorite part of the night!)
Ok, so back to this exuberant color-filled art-ness! .... on to next bag.

These bags make me so happy... I can see parts of the world just by looking right here!  Yea for Oilily, yea for the pink and blue they have as the theme color.... oh, I love the happy scribbles and doodles.  Am still trying to think how I can make paintings with more mixed media... kind of like this bag, but more thick happy paint and all. Am in the process of painting Rosie's painting so that has been fun and I'm still wanting St. Basil's to have some mixed media in it.  The studio is now filled with lots of activity as that is my place to be every day.  Sam is at school and I'm home painting the day away and getting lots done!  Yea for August paint time!