Olympic Cheer!


Olympics are here and we were cheering on the US this weekend!  Mike and I love watching all the countries gather together for these few weeks and oh, did you see the swimming last night?  We were both cheering and celebrating when the men's relay won the gold.  Love watching the medal ceremonies, love the victories, the stories of the athletes and all the different events. It inspires me to go outside and run around the neighborhood! Sam made an olympic flag at school and taped it onto a yard stick so we have an official flag to wave around.  Now we need some American flags to wave around as well. Looking forward to more events... definitely gymnastics.  It has always been my favorite.... think it became my all time favorite when Mary Lou Retton won her gold.  I remember that night sitting with my family and watching her bounce down and score a perfect 10.  Right after that, I wanted to be a gymnast!   Three cheers for the Olympics and for the USA!