Gardens and Books


Welcoming the day. Welcoming sunshine and flowers. 

Welcoming August. 

Even though August is full of warm warm days, it does bring with it the flowers and tomatoes so happily growing.  Sam is learning more about growing things and that the greatest gift for these little veggies and zinnias and roses is rain and sun... more rain and more sun. And usually in August,  we are always praying for more rain and more rain.  Thankfully, we have already had some rain showers.  It's actually very exciting when it starts to rain because we first hear it on our tin roof that covers the sunroom and the sound is like a little symphony playing.... it's a melody of sorts and some drums pattering away as well.  Sometimes when Mike, Sam and I are all in the kitchen together and talking... we hear a thump, thump, thump and all say together, "It's raining!"  Rain truly is a celebration during the summer months!

One of my favorite things to do on rainy days is read.  Reading to Sam, listening to rain showers on a lazy afternoon is the sweetest of sweets.  One of my favorite books right now ( have to admit, I do have lots of favorites!) is this one my sweet sister in law gave me for Rosie.  It has a gentle story of a little girl and her garden.  The illustrations are beautiful and the book is filled with lots of color.  I love it!

  This time next year, Sam will have his sister to read with and read to ( he is practicing reading some of his books so he can read to her)  and also plant zinnias with, pick tomatoes with. There will be all kinds of "withs" in the future!  

And we look forward to each one!