C'est merveilleux!

A special package arrived in the mail today and it was filled with the most wonderful surprises!
My friend, Liane from New Jersey, sent me the most amazing outfit for Rosie.... a Paris dress! And not only a Paris dress but a cute little sweater to go over it and a little beret!  I was so excited when I opened the polk-a-dotted box!! Yea for Jamboree with having Parisian flair for fall 08! Loooove it! And thank you, thank you Liane, Bill, Nik, Sofiya and Tolya! It is all so perfect! C'est merveilleux!

I can just imagine this little dress on our Rosie. This will definitely be going in the suitcase to Russia so I can put it on Rosie ASAP! YIPEE!

And this sweater... how sweet.. and with the Eiffel tower embroidered on it. Je t'aime  Rosie and Paris!

And with all the excitement over the box for Rosie.... there was another polk-a-dot box for Sam. Liane and her family are so thoughtful. They gave Sam a scrapbook with lots of travel stickers and a camera so he can take his own pics of his Russia. How great is that?? Sam was running around the house showing his friends his new camera and stickers... he is ready for the big trip!

And since we're talking about Sam... here is a pic of Sam and Sofiya in Russia.  Liane ( who sent the amazing outfit and gifts for Sam) is the mommy of Sofiya.  They were in Russia adopting Sofiya the same time we were adopting Sam and we all had the best time together. When I think of Russia, I always think about Liane, Bill and Sofiya.  They also have two other children adopted from Russia and it has been so special to keep in touch the past 5 years... wow, over 5 years.


Oh, these precious little baby faces. Doesn't seem that long ago that we were in Russia adopting baby Sam and now he is entering first grade.  Time marches along or I'd like to think it rather skips along. So, a new journey begins with adopting little Rosie.  One day I'll be looking through her scrapbook and remembering the time we are celebrating now.  May I savor each and every second of this journey.
Thank you again Liane... I am in total delight over Rosie's first Parisian outfit! Yipeee!