Warm Summer Mornings


With the Jet Lag still lingering... I am waking up around 4 am. Today, I woke up at 3:45 and tried to go back to sleep but it just didn't work.  However, I'm discovering that early morning is really nice.... I love the quietness and gentleness of starting a July day really early because you're able to watch the day wake up from a warm summer night's sleep. I do wish I was a normal early riser and greeted the dawn everyday, but I have been a night owl for a long long time.  As much as I love staying up late, I really love the mornings too... love the singing of birds, the coffee brewing... the hazy sunshine glittering through the trees.  

With the early rising... Here is a little photo journey of this July summer morning.
Walk to the garden..
Pass the fish pond...
Feed the hungry fish...


Go down the stone path....
And head to the garden...watching sunshine coming through the trees.
Saying "hello" to Mr.Tree...He really doesn't look that scary in person.

 Picking the glorious red tomatoes... yea!
Along with the tomatoes, cutting the pink, yellow, white and purple zinnias.
And then sitting down to breakfast....of blueberry jam, biscuits, eggs, coffee and oj.. plus a little vase of freshly cut zinnias.

After that.. I wrote this in my journal:
"Tuesday morning.. 
Walked outside. Already humid. Warm July day. Walked to garden. Cut flowers for tiny arrangements. Picked tomatoes. Listened to bird song. Took photos. Smelled honeysuckle and tomato vine. Made hummingbird food. Drank coffee, OJ. Ate breakfast. Wrote in journal. Day is already beautiful. 
and it is only 6:30 am.