Russian Flair


Back in the good ole "ham.  Didn't Mike do a great job on the blog?  Loved hearing his view on our trip and his insights and beautiful details. I even think he started looking forward to writing the blog every night in Russia!
As for my nights in Russia... I was usually asleep by 10 or 11 and then up again at 4 am.  Kind of like I'm doing now in the states!
There are so many things to share and it really felt like one week of being in Russia was 3 or 4 weeks. Our days were so full.  Oh, the first day we saw little Rosie was truly amazing!  I remember right when the caretaker brought her in, set her down on her little birdie legs and Rosie just stood there looking at us.  A wave washed over me...a wave of love and joy and the sweetness of knowing this little one will be our daughter forever.  In just a few seconds, I had her in my arms and was walking across the room with her and showing her the toys and stuffed animals... ( trying the diversion tactic and helping her not to cry). Thirty minutes later, Mike and I were hugging her and kissing her. Fifteen minutes later, she was laughing. Rosie has the best laugh... it's one of those big belly laughs.  It was a day of days... one to remember forever!

The pic above is not Rosie, but it has kind of been my symbol for Rosie for a long time. Three years ago I found this Oilily magazine ( by the way, I loveeee Oilily). Usually the magazine picks countries for inspiration for their new fall line. And for that certain year, it was Russian flair!

From the time I looked at this picture, I knew I wanted to paint Rosie something for her room that has Russian inspiration. So from this dress and the inspiration of the Russian folk tale, the Firebird, I am in the process of painting St. Basils' and using some of the lines from the Firebird. Just love this line...."Once upon a time, in a strong faraway country... there was a beautiful garden"  It then goes on to talk about the golden apple tree and the princess. My goal before we return to Russia... have the painting finished and hung in Rosie's room as a welcome for her and also a memory of her heritage.

This is the front of the Oilily catalog... fall/winter 05.. wow! It was 3 years ago!

And these precious little shoes!   Ok..I cannot wait to have Rosie in striped tights, flowered tights, polk a dot tights,all sorts of tights to match her frolicky dresses.. and of course, cute little shoes to wear.
My heart is beaming! 

So the Russian flair is here! Much to prepare for our little Rosie. Have lots of plans to sew and paint and make for our little Russian princess... who is living in a strong faraway country.  And one has to travel through a beautiful garden to get there.
We'll see you soon Rosie:)