good-bye Anastasia Rose

Day 3

It's official, I've taken over the blog. Tricia's on sabbatical. Sorry, but you're stuck with me for he remainder of the flight.

Today was our last day to travel to Kansk. Our last day of whip-lashand partially cracked ribs. And our last day to see little Anastasia Rose. So we hopped in the car with Lydia and Lena and motored east to Kansk. Each day as we've traveled the Siberian Interstate, there have been dozens and dozens of people, young and old, perched on little stools along the side of the road selling mushrooms, wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, potatoes and cucumbers. Summertime is the golden time for poor country folk to forage in the fields and forests to store some cash for winter. Today Lydia bought two 5 liter pales of raspberries and gave Tricia and I a bag full. It was perfect timing since we'd not eaten much that morning and knew we wouldn't have dinner until after 9:00. It's so interesting to watch Lydia and Lena haggle with the babushkas. I would always tag along behind to hear the banter. Enough of that...

We arrived at the orphanage and dropped off the donations so many of you contributed to. The workers were very appreciative and give a big "spasiba!" Then Rosie came in to visit us. She was wearing a little bright yellow 2 piece skirt and t-shirt, something only a mother would be pround of (though Tricia and I both thought she looked like a 2 year old brittany spears wannabe). She is starting to get a little cold, so today was a little more trying, but we still a great time chasing her around the courtyard, guff guffing at sabaka, eating Ritz Bitz and attacking her china cup of water (they never get enough to drink.) Seriously, her little head would tip down, the cup would come up, and her teeth would hit the cup so hard, I thought she would break something... the cup or her teeth one.

She loves walking around with my pen and drumming on everything to hear the different noises made, or waving it around as if it's her magic wand. Our visit today was a little shorter, but we were able to leave her blanket, picture book of our family, and stuffed rabbit that we made a t build-a-bear that plays a little message we made when she squeezes the paw. We also saw 75% of the orphanage all together playing outside and were able to observe her in her group. After leaving us, she walked over to the blanket they were sitting on, grabbed a toy from the first girl she saw, and proceeded to lay on the ground and throw a temper tantrum... it was comical and a wake up call into the reality of adopting a 2 year old verses a baby. We also saw how each group in the orphanage is engaged in a game called "survival of the fittest." She's a survivor. Eye of the Tiger. We said "paka", waved bye-bye, and left.

Back in Krasonyarsk we went out for pizza with a couple from Jackson, MS who has the 2nd half of their court on Thursday. They're adopting a baby boy from the same orphanage as Rosie! We had a great time comparing stories of our journey (the girls) and talking SEC football (the boys). It was nice to unwind and not think too hard about the wait that lies in front of us.