Last Day in Krasnoyarsk

Day 4

Today has been our first day to 1) not see our new baby girl and 2) not to be busy from 11:00am to 9:00pm.
We actually got to relax a little. The day started with Lydia and Lena picking us up and taking us to complete our 8 doctor medical exam. We were lucky to be able to get this done today. Most people have to stay a few extra days in Moscow on the front end of trip #2, so we're so thankful to have them done already!

After that, we went to a notary public and signed some documents. It was all very official. So now we go home, send our last packet of documents to be apostilled in montgomery to wyoming to st petersburg to krasnoyarsk.

With all our official work completed, we decided to get out in the city and get some exercise. We walked a good ways, found a little gallery with the sweetest lady who spoke broken english well enough to be able to communicate. She must have Jesus in her heart because he shown through her in an amazing way. We also ate our best meal of the trip by far at a place called Momma Roma's which serves great Italian food. Tricia got yummy yummy pizza and I had lasagna. After that we walked around in front of our hotel and took some pictures. And here they are...


The clock tower just east of the Hotel Krasnoyarsk that the locals call "Big Ben"


a handsome Russian man... no wait, that's me. the first part of that sentence is oxymoronic :o)


Children can ride these horses around the park. This one is teeny tiny.


We found a Russian bride actually getting married here... who knew?


A view down to the Yenisey River.


And our swank hotel room.

So we say goodbye to mother russia, goodbye yenisey, goodbye Krasnoyarsk, goodbye Siberia, goodbye borsch and cabbage cooked-86-ways-all-of-which-I-love, goodbye life-endangering car rides, goodbye babushkas, goodbye fields of flowers, and most of all... goodbye sweet little Anastasia Rosie Robinson. We'll be back soon!