always something new on day two

if yesterday was a day of firsts, then today could aptly be know as having seconds.

It'strue yesterday left us wanting more. Not more of the go-go-go travel schedule we've been keeping. Not more of the eating at 10 am and then again at 11 pm. And definitely not more of the 6 hours bobbing, weaving, and bouncing our way along the road to Kansk. But we did want more time with our sweet little Rosie. And today that's just what we got.

We left Kras at 11:00 after Skyping with Nana and Sam and eating a huge breakfast (all the other americans say it's gross, but we love it!). We stopped 10 or so times along the drive to take pictures. I know I mentioned the beauty yesterday, but today we were able to capture some in pictures. I've never seen so many wildflowers in my life.






(Dad, I took close ups of over 10 different species for you to identify and be amazed by.) The air smelled like flowers... most of the time and exhaust from circa 1972 delivery or military trucks when we were doing a pass. We've included some pictures... several of the countryside; one of Tricia, Lydia, and Lena;

one of those hidden migs I mentioned,

1 of the entry sign to Kansk,

1 of old russian houses and many of the reason for our trip... anastasia rose.

Today, we were able to spend 2.5 hours with her. They woke her up from her nap and brought her to us. She started off a little suspect (and sleepy) again, but that just lasted for a minute or two. We took her outside and she was off to the races - running here and there and everywhere else. She was very interested in a stray sabaka (dog) that hangs around the orphanage. She kept walking over to it and saying "guff guff" which is the Russian equivalent to "ruff ruff." Even once we went inside, she wanted to play with stuffed animal dogs to show us that she knew that's what was outside. Tricia tried putting a bow in here hair, and she kept pulling it out.

The funnest part of the day was seeing her little personality come out. She is still sweet and even tempered, but she has a will. Sam, get ready, she may give you a run for your money (but we can't wait for you to meet her). When you'd take something away from her she waved her hands and cry out as if to say "hey, that's my ___fill in the blank." She was constantly exploring today, playing with this little cannister of foam shapes. She'd dump them out, walk across the room and put them on the table, take them off and put them in the cannister, shake them up, then dump them out again. She did this for 15 minutes straight; the focus was pretty impressive, but she would not be deterred. She loves to be handled as long as it's active. Throw her up, she laughs. Put her on your shoulders, more laughing. Tickle her tummy, hahaha. Hold her still when she's in the mood to play, and she's out of there. Welcome to day two.

One cool thing was that before we left, we went into her room and took pictures of her crib and her play area. She also took us into the bathroom, picked out her potty, and demonstrated that she knew how to use it. Te kharoshya diovatchka! (my phoenetical interpretation of "you're a good little girl."

ok, that's it for today. It's 12:15 and I'm beat. more tomorrow.