We're HERE!

We are here!! We safely arrived in Krasnoyarsk!!  Long trip and not so long trip when you think about crossing a million time zones and 10,000 miles. Let's see.. highlights so far:

Flight from Atlanta to Moscow... went by pretty fast.  Watched some movies, tried to sleep... saw Iceland out the window and it was beautiful. There was a beautiful pinkish haze on the horizon and it was in the middle of the night there.  There were icy mountains and big cliffs... flying up in the clouds is pretty magical and I kind of forgot how amazing it is to be in the sky.

Arrived in Moscow.. no one showed up to meet us but it ended up being fine because we went to our hotel, slept, and transferred to the domestic airport and got on board to fly to Kras. When the plane lifted off, we flew up into the clouds and into the sunset.. it was spectacular! There were clouds above us reflecting the pinkish sun and clouds below us and the clouds above us were soo rosy pink and had a soft glow.. the entire sky looked like a pink quilt of cotton candy. It felt like God was giving us a sweet send off with a pink rosy sky as we were on our final flight to see Rosie's land. Wish I could have pics here, but we hope to get them up and running soon!

So for today..we will meet with the inspector at noon. It is 10:20 am here and 10:20 pm Eastern time... so our bodies are just kind of floating. After we meet with the inspector, we head to meet Rosie!! We can't wait!!
If you are up at this time of night, please pray for our time with Rosie and that it will be really sweet. She will probably wonder who these strangers are, but we hope and pray that we can break the ice quickly.  We have Sam's stuffed bunny and other fun little toys and books.

Guess that is all for now.

Paka! Paka!