Paka Paka!


Paka is "goodbye" in Russian so we are saying goodbye to the US as we make our way to Rosie! Our suitcase is  packed and we have books, a little doll and more books, Luna bars, clothes, a photo book... and lots of other this and thats!  It has been so  funny here at the Robinson house, we have had things everywhere and Sam was running around and bouncing around. He is sooo excited about our trip! I remember when we were getting things packed for our big trip to meet Sam.. 5 years ago and it was just Mike and I getting ready. Now, to have a 6 year old in the mix is so much more fun because Sam is very very excited about his sis! 

Here is a little glimpse into our day before take off!
You know how some days you think your day is going to be the normal "get it done".. check it twice, regular type day, but then something extra special happens that you didn't even expect? That happened Friday. My good friend, Amy ( aka tutle) told me this Friday morning that we should go to Build a Bear and make Rosie a bear with our voices in it.  Her sister in law's family did that when they went to China to adopt their little girl.  So, I thought, "Ok, if we can squeeze that into the day of errands and packing, it would be great!  And we did! Mike met Sam and I at the mall and we built a bunny ( not a bear) for Rosie!  We were able to put our voices on a little recorder and then they stuffed it inside of the bunny along with all the other stuffing.  We had so much fun doing this!  Sam's sweet little voice on the recorder is priceless. He said, "Rosie, this is Sam, I love you, you're my best Rosie ever!"  The lady who helped us make the bunny did a little ceremony.. I had no idea there was a special ceremony to the creation of this fluffy bunny.  We three picked out these tiny soft red hearts, kissed them and then made two wishes and placed the hearts inside the bunny.  The entire experience was really special as our little family gathered around and kissed our hearts and put them in the bunny.  Mike and I talked later on in the day how we both almost cried as we kissed the hearts and made wishes.  The best part was watching Sam with this bunny... he  carried it around with him all throughout the afternoon and evening and he kept squishing the bunny's hand so it would talk with our voices.  To see Sam so happy and proud to have his little sister coming home to him soon and to have a bunny with Sam's own small voice traveling all the way to Russia and into the arms of Rosie is amazing.... so amazingly sweet.

And on to other dilly dally's. Here is the design that I want to embroider for Rosie. I was all geared up to embroider on the plane but then read on the Russian airline website that we cannot take needles... oh, well, maybe I can sew in the car as we make our 3 hour journey to see Rosie... but then again, I may just want to look out the window and see the countryside of Russia!


These are the two designs I hoping and planning on doing.... one is for Rosie and the other one is for Sam.. aren't they so adorable?  The are from the Wee Wonderful website ( which is very inspiring in the world of craft land!)

And last pic before we head out. We have Skype set up( yipee!) and our computers, cameras and all ready to go! 

Here is our itinerary for the journey:

Saturday, July 19, 2008
8 am Drive to Atlanta
10:30 am   Drop off Sam with Nana and Papa
3:30 pm Fly to Moscow ( 11 hours)

Sunday July 20, 2008
10:30 am   Arrive in Moscow
hang out at hotel for 11 hour layover ( please pray we can check in early at our hotel so we can sleep)
9pm  Depart for Krasnoyarsk
Monday, July 21, 2008
5:40 am  Arrive in Kras

Monday morning:  Meet with the Inspector and then head to orphanage to meet Rosie!
Whew! Just writing all this makes me tired and we haven't even boarded the plane.
Some prayer requests:
Safe and happy travel
Health...( have had a sore throat.. am praying it will go away!)
Sleep on plane
Meeting with Rosie will be really sweet. That we will be able to bond with her even if it is just for a few days of seeing her.
Good relationship with translators and the people we will be working with.
Find favor in the eyes of the orphanage workers, inspector and other Russian people involved with the adoption.

Thank you so much!
Off we goooooo!