Sweet Surprises!


When we returned from the beach, I found this big box sitting in front of our doors, waiting to be opened! I was so excited to open it and inside were these two precious gifts!  They are from sweet new friends( mother and daughter) who I met at the last Rosemary art show in June!  


Abby is 7 years old and painted this work of art! Isn't it beautiful? I just love it and am so happy to have a piece of her art in my house! It is a picture of Abby, her sister and me at Rosemary Beach! Just love love it and am trying to decide the perfect place to put it in the house! Did you notice the flowery beach outfits and the happy crabs? Abby is an artist and it's really fun to hear about her love for art and how she wants to keep learning about it.  She and other girls have inspired me to have an art workshop ( hopefully early fall) Girls like Abby are true inspirations in their creativity and love for life and art!  Such a beautiful reflection of God.


And here is the house that was made by Abby's mom, Terri! I just adore this little house and have the best time looking at all the small and intricate details... the blue tiles at the bottom of the house with the heart tile in front of the door.. how sweet! And the flowers in front of all the windows!  The sparkles and glitter on it and the birdie on top... and the glittery rope that outlines the rooftop! It is an enchanted little house and makes me sing like the birdie on top!  I think this house carries a song.. it even has sheet music on the floor as you enter the house!


So if I made a song about my "favorite things" like Maria did in Sound of Music, these would definitely be in them... If you can imagine how the song starts-instead of raindrops on roses, which I still love, maybe it would go like this....
"Raindrops on roses and sweet Abby paintings, Bright sparkly houses and birdies all singing...."

So, there is happiness in the air tonight as I type.... having these presents makes me bop around and it's extra special because through this art life, I'm able to meet other kindred spirits out there in the world like Abby and Terri.
Terri has an enchanted blog, "the glittered nest". Isn't that a fun name?
Her blog is pure inspiration just by seeing her daily life and her creations can be found on her etsy store!
Thank you Terri and Abby for making the day sing with your gifts!