Fisherboys Adventure

 A little glimpse into our day. 
Our neighbors, Caleb and Jonah ( with the ewok ears) came over to play and had a great time with their fishing adventures. They even made a story, so I told them we could put pics of them on the blog and I'll write the story for them. Here it goes... enjoy!!

The adventure begins:

Chapter One: "The Dolphins Save the Fisherboys"

We were going to the store to put some hooks and string on our rods and then went on our voyage in the ocean and just as we were out in the ocean,  we were just given orders to abandon ship. Caleb caught a fish and it was so big that it was a whale!  And then the boys saw a boat.  It was a pirate boat! Captain Skallywags!  Then Caleb got out his dolphin whistle and called the dolphins and the boys jumped on the dolphins backs and the pirate ship got attacked by the whale and something else too!

The dolphins took the boys to the deserted island..."The fishing island" Caleb noticed his hook was gone, and as they were looking for his hook, they found a big statue called "statue kahookee" and then they still were looking for his hook and they discovered a chimp that could play checkers.  They had a nice day and they had to find shelter. Then they found enough bamboo to build a house and so they built a little fort and then they found eggs from birds and some coconuts from coconut trees and then they were looking around and found a gold door and they opened it up and it was full of guns, skulls, swords and stuff like that.  THese were from pirates and they knew pirates came back once a year and the boys left as quick as they could but the pirates were on the beach.  Caleb said, "We got our fishing rods  around our heads and caught the pirates and threw them into the water as far as we could and the dolphins were  lovable creatures. We saw colorful fish and we swam off with the dolphins!"
 And the boys lived happily ever after on the island!

Fishing boys rock! Caleb, Jonah and his family head out tomorrow for their next big adventure.. moving to Augusta! We will miss them sooo much but look forward to keeping in touch and writing more adventures in the future!